The Official Hall Of Shame - Suggested Buyers, Sellers, & Members To Avoid


This is going to be an ongoing list of both buyers, sellers, or just straight scammers. The point is not to belittle these people, but to help people understand their history so they can make a more "informed" decision before dealing with them.

To have made it on this list*, said persons will have had hard proof submitted of not only breaking our general guidelines, but simply being morally unethical as well. Typically scamming people, ripping people off, back dooring people in auctions/ sales, etc. will land you on this list. If you are here, it was not easy and well earned as we tend to lean on being forgiving in general and all entries here must be approved by at least 3 Mods.

NintendoAge Members:
  • User name here - Brief Explanation
eBay Sellers/ Buyers:
  • Blakes-Shop - Posts highly desired games on eBay, then refunds the buyers and keeps the shipping. Somehow gets away with it?! Beware!
All Other:
  • Name / Where It Happened - Brief Explanation
And so on... hopefully these lists stay short.

Please be sure to add thoughts below, but please have valid evidence. Just calling someone out is weak and not smart. Have a valid case with proof. Preferably email or message a mod about issues with someone.


If you are on this list and you have righted your ways and made good on the case that put you here in the first place, comment below or email a Mod with your evidence of "righting" the situation. I believe everyone should have the opportunity to make good and clear their name as none of us are perfect :)
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