Halo 3 Legendary Helmet & Box Auction For Charity ( Thanks To Dan Kaplan! )


Halo Lover
Ok, we are going to give this our best shot as a first auction here on NintendoAge.net.
We are going to treat this the same as old NA auctions in years past.
We all need to thank Dan Kaplan for donating this item. He had us open a new Halo 3 Legendary Edition on a recent Video Game Collectors Podcast here (its close to the end):
Dan wanted the games but had requested that the left over box and helmet are auctioned to donate to charity.

Auction Rules and Specifics:
  • This is going to be just slightly over a week long auction from now till 6-20-21
  • Auction ending time is 3:00 Pacific Standard Time (6:00 Eastern)
  • To bid, just post a comment/bid below this thread.
  • All proceeds are going to charity (local food bank in need). South County Community Food Bank: https://www.seasidefoodbank.com/
  • Shipping will be be covered by me, so 100% of proceeds go to charity!
  • Anyone who backs out of a bid will not be allowed to participate again or at least for a long time (we are using the good old honor system here 😁)
  • Picture below of Item. Also check out the video where we opened it.
  • Winning bidder can reach out to me for PayPal info to send the money to.
Good luck and have fun! Thank you for giving and helping to those in need! 😁👍


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